When & Why You Should Consider Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

Every business owner knows you must have a solid marketing strategy if you want to sell your product or service. The problem is that marketing has shifted dramatically over the past decade as has the labor pool. In days past, companies relied on traditional marketing efforts and traditional hiring processes. Now business owners are faced with the growing dominance of SEM (search engine marketing) and social media marketing as well as an influx of specialized freelancers. Should a business owner work with freelancers or a digital marketing agency when executing their marketing strategy?

We spoke with D.T. Moore, the founder of a digital marketing agency in Phoenix about the pros and cons of both and here are his insights:

“The difference between an army of freelancers vs working with a full-service agency may seem small on the surface but in reality, there’s a huge difference. It’s no contest, really. Both can get the job done for you but you have to ask yourself which one adds the most value beyond the raw skills and capabilities they bring to the table? Agencies provide a range of services that allows them to build long-term relationships where they aim to grow with you in a mutually beneficial manner. “

When assembling your team you want to include the very best talent so your brand has the potential to become a giant. A full service agency can assist you from the initial identification of your marketing strategy through the management and implementation using a variety of tools and tactics. Freelancers are wonderful in that they are experts in their lane but you will find that you need an army of freelancers to do what a full service agency can do. The right agency can take your brand and your business to the next level.

When Time and Money are Real Constraints

Most businesses do not have unlimited time and money to spend on developing and executing their marketing plan. The businesses we spoke with rank time and money as their top two concerns when figuring out the best solution to achieving their marketing goals. Freelancers offer a lot in terms of price flexibility. There’s an inherent cost savings by outsourcing this critical business objective however, there is also an inherent cost risk. As we mentioned, freelancers are great because they are experts in their own lane but that means you have to build an army that can keep up with the dynamic world of website design, SEO expertise, social media marketing, SEM (search engine marketing), digital marketing, print media, fliers, brochures and more. Each freelancer has a gift but few can actually testify that they are the best in all.

Time is something we all want more of and fiercely protect the little that we do have. Business owners know this struggle all too well. When a growing business relies on a team of freelancers, the primary decision makers reluctantly become the middleman of communication ensuring that each freelancer is up-to-speed on the changing needs, direction and priorities. This requires a lot of time and time is money.

A full service digital marketing agency offers you the best of both worlds while saving you time and thus money. Having an agency of record gives you full access to a single point of contact, usually a project manager or account manager. This person will manage your team of creatives and will ensure delivery and implementation on all marketing fronts while maintaining a consistent brand image for your target audience. This allows you to focus on other needs within your organization and gives you the peace of mind that your brand and all marketing efforts will be professionally managed.

The Strategic Choice

An intentional marketing campaign requires a strategic approach. This involves  knowledge-based research, careful planning and organization, and thoughtful, focused efforts. A full service agency can offer you just that all under one roof. The right agency will be your strategic partner to help you design and build an identifiable brand, drive cohesive messaging, and execute your digital marketing initiatives.