The Benefits Of Using Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSSP) have become a new trend for companies of all sizes seeking security solutions. Hiring an MSSP provides many more benefits to a company s security personnel than hiring a traditional security team of professionals. A managed security services provider can begin to work on strategic security initiatives while the MSSP manages the day-to day management and monitoring of your entire security environment. By having a third party to take care of these sensitive functions, you get to have the benefits of security professionals without all the headaches and time intensive workload. However, there are plenty of reasons why an MSSP makes sense for many companies, and here is a look at the top five benefits to going with a managed security services provider:

The top five benefits listed above are all related to the prevention of security threats and the protection of networks. The top benefits to hiring a managed security services provider however are all about the prevention of cyber crime. By using an MSSP you will be able to enforce policies related to content approval, e-mail spamming and even breach notification to stop the worst kinds of cyber attacks. These are all preventative measures that help to protect your company from the most common cyber threats.

The second top benefit to going with a managed service is the security of your network infrastructure. Many companies try to deal with their own in-house network security systems but often find that those systems aren’t always as effective as they could or should be. By outsourcing your managed security services, you get a company that specializes in handling the most complex IT networks and has the expertise and resources to make sure that your network stays secure.With an in-house network, you often only have one GRC network security policy that needs to be followed and that’s not always enough if there are multiple networks that need to be monitored. With a managed service you can have several different policies that can be applied to your entire infrastructure without having to deal with the intricacies and problems associated with trying to enforce those policies.

The third benefit is the cost savings that a managed services provider can provide. Running and maintaining in-house network security systems can be very expensive and in many cases unmanageable. You also run the risk of a security breach as the employees running the networks often don’t have the skills or experience required to properly secure the networks. When you use a managed service, you get a professional who is dedicated to the job and knows exactly how to configure and setup the different features within the security systems so that everyone is fully protected. This is often a much more cost effective option than hiring and keeping a fully-managed team on staff.