A picture of a person working on their marketing plans for their online business with the help of Darren and Mike

Darren and Mike: The Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Coach

To succeed as a business owner, it helps to be as efficient as possible. One of the best ways to get to that point is to work directly with someone who has achieved success in the past.

Many entrepreneurs have indeed found success thanks to having a coach along the way to help out.

Darren and Mike, a pair of savvy online business owners now mentoring and coaching, believe this to be a significant advantage for several reasons. Once a person sees the changes a coach can make, they’ll realize the advantages start to add up as well.

Darren and Mike’s digital business grew from hard work, as they were motivated to find a steady work-life balance that enabled them to live the life they wanted. Now, Mike and Darren’s online business has transitioned to coaching and mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs. Below are some main advantages of hiring online marketing coaches and mentors like Mike and Darren.

Improved Decision-Making

Anyone running a business and handling marketing independently has countless decisions to make throughout the process. Some decisions might not be that big of a deal, but others could significantly impact the business now and in the future.

Learning how to solve problems and reduce bad decision-making can help tremendously when growing your online business.

Having a coach or mentor to help out usually leads to better decision-making overall. They’ve made mistakes in the past, so they can provide proper warning if it seems like a new entrepreneur is heading on the same path.

Mike and Darren are the first to admit that they made plenty of mistakes along the way when creating online businesses.

However, learning quickly from those mistakes can make a huge difference. Leaning on people who’ve been there before helps speed up the learning process that much more. Darren and Mike as marketing coaches can even go as far as helping business owners make decisions to avoid poor options in the first place.

Easier Networking Building

Having success in marketing and growing a business is nearly impossible without building up some type of network. New entrepreneurs sometimes find this the most challenging part of the job since they are so focused on taking care of everything else in the business.

Working with a mentor or coach instantly grows a network without too much extra effort. An entrepreneur can tap into people their coach knows and grow even more. For some businesses, all they need is a little bit of a push at the beginning to get everything rolling.

More Access To The Right Resources

Anyone who has tried to go into business alone without help understands how hard it is to get the necessary access to needed resources. Whether it’s for specific services or providers, getting the proper access makes life so much easier.

An online marketing coach already knows the best business service providers to trust with affordable pricing. This speeds up the process considerably, allowing the new business owners to build positive relationships with these companies as quickly as possible.

Initial access also pays off when making more connections down the road. While a coach might not always have access to every provider, they might have access to a connection that then has another connection.

Easier Day-To-Day Life

A picture of a person relaxed at home after Darren and Mike helped her build an online business

It’s not uncommon to work weeks of 80 to 100 hours just to keep a new business going at the beginning. While running a business is never easy, a coach can help cut down on the workload little by little.

This will reduce the mental and physical stress that every business owner goes through. They can help teach how to outsource projects, make good hires, delegate jobs, and more.

It doesn’t mean that a coach will find a way for a business owner not to work at all, but even shaving a few hours a week off the schedule helps out. The goal for any online business owner involves ultimately getting to that point that every marketer tries to sell.

That means working remotely for limited hours each day while enjoying financial success. As glorious as that sounds, it takes a lot of hard work to even think about getting there. At least with a more manageable day-to-day life, entrepreneurs won’t feel burnout.

Quality Support

Getting wrapped up in creating a business can sometimes feel very lonely. Entrepreneurs have complained that they often feel isolated, especially when things aren’t going well.

A coach like Darren and Mike can help sort through any issues slowing things down. They can also support talking through problems and building confidence back up.

Success doesn’t automatically happen for any business owner. It’s easy to get down during the early stages, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Reduced Pressure

All business owners start to feel pressure from many different angles at certain times during the growth process. The pressure can get so severe that it puts the business in jeopardy. Not only that, but personal life matters also become affected.

Using a coach or mentors like Mike and Darren helps to make sense of everything and reduce pressure overall. It’s not the end of the world if a deadline passes or there’s a slight hiccup with the building process.

With reduced stress, it’s much easier to perform better on a day-to-day basis. Darren and Mike’s online business coaching are very open about discussing pressure and issues that might get in the way.

Why Darren and Mike Do What They Do

Getting into the mentoring and coaching world for online business owners is something Mike and Darren, as digital business owners, feel very passionate about.

The teaching process pays enormous dividends in the end when people get the opportunity to reach financial freedom and do what they love.

The challenge is getting to that point. Every client is different, and some are naturally motivated. It’s maximizing the opportunity for success that gives online business owners optimism.

Not all businesses will succeed, but having a coach significantly increases the likelihood of meeting goals and working towards a new career.