5 reasons your business needs email marketing

An ecommerce business relies on getting their product and the word out to as wide a base as possible, while still reaching out to the relevant target audience. While social media, paid ads, SEO and organic traffic remain the more popular means of marketing, sometimes email marketing is not given its due share. This is a big mistake because email marketing with the help of a good and professional ecommerce email marketing agency can get huge results and without any ad spends using your existing list alone. The top 5 reasons your ecommerce business needs email marketing are:

  • Email marketing applies to all kind of business

No matter what you sell, if it’s a product, a service, or a SaaS you can make your business revenue and engagement grow with an email strategy, all you need is an email marketing platform, a list that can be added manually or automatically every y time a customer subscribes to your signup form.

Once you have your list and email marketing platform set you can begin sending emails to your subscribers with offers or valuable content that will help you achieve your goals: conversions, engagement, or both, your choice!

  • You can set up automated emails to warm your audience and convert

With Email Marketing, you can set up flows with a series of emails that are triggered by different actions or when some conditions are met. There’s a bunch of possibilities depending on your goal, some of the basic flows that are a must for every ecommerce store with email marketing: Welcome Flow, Added to Cart Flow, Abandon Flow, Post Purchase Flow, Browse Abandon. Applying the best practices of Email Automation can get your business an ROI of several hundred times.

Each one of this flows have a different purpose and you should be sending about 3-4 emails per flow to convert. Learn more about difference between basic flows & campaigns here.

  • The people on your list are  actually interested in your brand

If you already have a list that has already agreed on receiving marketing or communication from your brand and you’re not sending any email you are certainly missing some potential clients.

This list is confirmed by people who already have shown interest in your products or services and trust you with their information so why not send them valuable content and occasional offers to persuade? Don’t be afraid and take the next step!

  • Low-cost medium to reach out to your audience

If you have good traffic to your website or maybe you’re collecting data via your physical store one of the cheapest ways to connect with your customers is vía email. You can send campaigns every now and then or regular Newsletters to engage.

Use special dates like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas and more to send offers and persuade your subscribers to purchase for the first time, upsell them, do some clearance, back in stock, last pieces and so on, the sky’s the  limit.

  • Remote work and the pandemic has made us more dependent than ever to our email

There was a time where people thought email would disappear at some point, it was such the quick development of platforms, social media and technology that we almost forgot about the valuable tool that email is to communicate with our clients or potential clients.

We’re more dependent than ever on this medium, ecommerce has grown exponentially this last year and most of the communication with buyers and prospects is vía email. Don’t be afraid to send 2-3 campaigns per week with content that they might consider valuable, and also know that if you collect enough information of your audience you can even personalize your campaigns, send offers based on previous purchases or  birthday triggered emails that will help you engage, connect and convert with your list.

Author: Andrea Bustos

Account Manager at Hustler Marketing who helps ecommerce stores scale and grow with the power of email marketing.