Ways SEO And PPC Function Together In Digital Marketing

There are many components and features found on the web. SEO and PPC are one of them. Improving these would provide great assistance in maintaining the traffic and content in your website and web pages also allowing more potential customers to view your site.

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Defining SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic and content on your website. It can be done by better use of keywords or phrases, with interesting graphics, etc.

Pay per Click (PPC) is the advertising seen on the side of Google or other search engine searches. Companies placing these ads only pay for the advertisement when they have been clicked and viewed by the audience.

How does combining PPC and SEO improve your website?

  • Increases search engine presence

Improving SEO gives you a more high chance of getting your website at the top rank. Purchasing a PPC ad for a keyword allows your ad to appear near the top of the page when someone searches that keyword. It allows you to separate your site and business from the rest of the crowd.

  • PPC recovers missed search engine clicks

You can recover interested searches and clicks and draw in the traffic for your site. PPC can be purchase at a relatively affordable price.

  • Remarketing allows you to have access to previous clickers or visitors to your site

Remarketing is a form of PPC that can be combined with SEO to bring slightly interested previous viewers of your site back to complete their purchase or letting them see the latest updates on the site.

  • Testing your keywords with PPC for SEO

PPC helps you test if the specific keyword you have selected is appropriate and whether if it makes your SEO visible to potential customers. Monitor the result and impact of the keyword you have selected. It is inexpensive experimental testing.

  • SEO and PPC gives better decision making data

SEO and PPC will give a large source of data for a better decision making process. After testing the keyword and selecting the one that fits to increase your business sales, it gives you a better and smarter strategy to take your website further towards success. It is certain to give you reliable and faster data.


Amidst the competitive nature of the E-commerce industry, you must implement all the resources and tools that you have to sustain and stay ahead of others. You can strategize better by using these tools. SEO or marketing agencies use this method to strategize your company’s brand awareness. They focus on all the aspects that can increase your potential customers.