Things to consider before you jump into a swimming pool

Swimming is a place for many people. It would help if you always did these things before swimming. You will get better swimming pool services.

Take a shower

Taking a shower before getting into the pool is the best thing you can do for yourself and the other pool mates. A bath removes grime, dirt, and germs from the body, setting you free and fresh to get into the water. When in a pool, ensure your pool mates take a shower before they jump in. Your health is essential as their health.

Don’t always go head first.

While in a new pool, don’t always start with a head dive. Most diving injuries occur in a swimming pool leading to severe body injuries. At times they cause deaths. Check around for warning signs around the pool like no diving and adhere to them. A head dive should happen in a swimming pool that is nine feet and more. Your eyes can’t tell you the exact depth of the pool.

Don’t run around the pool area.

Parents and lifeguards will always shout this command. The reason is areas around are slippery and wet because of the tiles used. It’s easy to slip, bump, bruise and fall. To avoid such injuries, always walk with utmost care.

Drowning is different from TV drowning.

Pool drowning isn’t dramatic and full of screams and splashing like on TVs. It’s silent and quick, and if not attended to in time, it’s fatal.

Lifeguards are good but not perfect.

A lifeguard watches everyone in a pool, but when the population is high, it becomes cumbersome. You have to watch over your loved ones and friends.

Swimming in a pool is fun, but when you observe and respect the above basics.