Looking for Tablecloths Melbourne? Pullup Banners Is the Perfect Place for You

When your business is at a trade show or any event, it competes for attention against others. You will want to turn heads and attract the attention of passersby and potential customers. Besides having proper signage on your booth, you’ll need to spruce up your display. One of the ways to do that is by using custom branded tablecloths in Melbourne. These tablecloths will transform your exhibit tables from plain to fabulous and eye-catching while creating a professional and cohesive look with the rest of your event space. Pullup Banners Australia is a superb choice if you want some made for your business.

About Pullup Banners Australia

Pullup Banners offers attention-grabbing and cost-effective products to promote your business, helping you make the best impression on potential clients. It has a wide range of universally appealing, portable, and sturdy banners and other products, including custom marquees, media backdrop walls, and tablecloths in Melbourne. Its selection of tablecloths includes different styles, such as fitted, stretch, and throw, so you should find everything you need in one place.

Why your business needs custom tablecloths

Personalised tablecloths are designed with your business in mind. They can feature colours representing your brand to boost your branding efforts and designs that proudly show your logo or business name. You could also add your company’s contact details, such as its website or social media handle.

High-quality custom tablecloths will make your event or trade show table stand out with their bold, vivid, full-colour print on high-quality materials. Here are more reasons to choose them for upcoming events:

  • Exude professionalism: Custom tablecloths in Melbourne provide professional touches to your table. They are versatile for any event.
  • Reusable: Do you often participate in events? Branded tablecloths by Pullup Banners Australia are durable, making them reusable for many other events. And because they go a long way, they become cost-effective for branding, too.
  • Draw attention to your booth: It’s easy to incorporate custom tablecloths into your booth’s design. With a proper layout that includes an eye-catching backdrop, your entire setup will definitely stand out and get noticed.

Only high-quality materials

Pullup Banners makes custom-printed tablecloths only with the best materials that will ensure durability, longevity, and designs that pop. The loose printed throw tablecloths and custom fitted tablecloths are made from 250g shiny UV-resistant or 230g matt polyester material. Stretch tablecloths are made from machine-washable, UV-resistant 95 per cent polyester and 5 per cent spandex material.

Customised for your business

Tablecloths in Melbourne come in three sizes to fit standard-sized tables that are 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft. long, but Pullup Banners Australia can also make them in custom sizes.

Once your design or logo is ready in vector format, send it to Pullup Banners, and the art department will send a proof for your review and approval before they print your tablecloths. Once approved, the team should take around seven to ten days to create your custom tablecloth, plus transit. If you’re in a hurry, ask about their express service, and they will try their best to accommodate your schedule.