Following up on Emails

Cold email outreach is one of the trickiest parts of sales activities. There’s so much to consider when creating an effective outreach strategy, and even when executed perfectly, there will always be many “no’s”, “maybe’s”, or no responses at all. This is understandable given the busy, fast-paced lifestyles most people endure on a daily basis.

This happens all the time, but does this mean sales reps should simply give up on those prospects and search for new ones? Or perhaps they should abandon their email outreach campaign altogether? Absolutely not!

Instead, following up on emails is the way to go. Adding a few follow-up touchpoints to your email outreach sequences will be that extra push in trying to get your prospect’s attention. Research shows an enormous correlation between follow-up emails and higher open and reply rates.

Following up on emails is an integral part of any email marketing campaign, and it is vital to close many deals. It goes without saying, however, that those follow-ups have to provide value and spark a dialogue rather than simply get one’s attention to sell something.

Great sales reps know exactly where to draw the line between following up on prospects and pulling the plug because, in some instances, follow-up emails can be not only ineffective but annoying, backfiring on your brand reputation. A good rule of thumb is – if your prospects directly (by telling you) or indirectly (by unsubscribing) show they aren’t interested, it’s time to move on.

On the other hand, giving up too soon means losing potential long-term customers, making it quite a dilemma. When prospects perfectly fit your ICP, or you’re sure your product could be a solution to their specific pain points, or they have shown some engagement and interest – probably a good idea to send that follow-up email. That one, two, or even five follow-up emails could be the determining factor in getting new customers.

Lookout for the best practices for follow-up emails to bump the likelihood of a reply. They are a great opportunity to double down on personalization and provide value. Email follow-ups should be short and to the point, with some reference to the previous touchpoints so prospects are up to speed.

With sales engagement tools like Reply, you can automate the entire email outreach process while leaving room for personalization. Not only will it save you time but also ensure that all prospects are followed up with in the correct order and on time.