Enhanced People Search: The Incredible Skip Tracing Tool From Microbilt

Many debtors do not pay on time, and sometimes, the road to recovering debts and finding details of a ‘skipped’ debtor can be hard. Skip tracing basically refers to the process of finding such people (may refer to businesses too), who have left town or untraceable through the contact and address details furnished by them. The person may not take or return calls, emails may go unanswered, and if letters are sent to the physical address, these may not be delivered. In many cases, it is found that the debtor has changed address and is practically ‘untraceable’. To help with such situations, skip tracing software and tools are designed. These tools rely on public record databases, credit reports, loan applications, and other available resources, to get updated information.

What is Enhanced People Search?

Enhanced People Search comes from the house of MicroBilt, which is known for its ID verification and skip tracing tools. This one is a comprehensive product that will come in handy for locating people and businesses, and finding critical information. MicroBilt has designed Enhanced People Search with adequate care, and it relies on millions of public records, to verify the information. Enhanced People Search gets its data from credit bureaus, registered landline and wireless phone numbers, and selective credit data that’s only reported to the company.

Information that can be gathered

Using Enhanced People Search, one can get reports that include name, AKAs, date of birth, current address, summary of previous addresses, social security number, and summary of phone details (including carrier and phone type). This skip tracing software is also handy and useful for finding details of high-risk profiles. Enhanced People Search is a step ahead of the standard skip tracing tool from the company called Super Phone. All these tools together can be handy for debt collectors and businesses that are trying to locate details of debtors. The product has been created with the needs of recovery professionals in mind, so the reports generated are super easy to understand and covers all the essential details.

Other things to know

Enhanced People Search has been priced aptly, which works in ensuring that skip tracing doesn’t become a burden for collectors and companies involved in this. MicroBilt is among the most trusted companies for skip tracing tools, and it is absolutely wise and relevant to use their products for such tasks. Their products rely on data that is not easily found, at least in the public domain.

Final verdict

MicroBilt has earned a name for being a comprehensive service provider, and all of their skip tracing tools are as effective and affordable. Enhanced People Search is among their better products and allows one to go into a more detailed search, which is often necessary for skip tracing, especially the debt is huge, or data is not available or accessible easily. You can refer to their website to find more on Enhanced People Search and ask for a demo report, to know more on what to expect from the tool.