Customizable Products: How to Easily Increase Sales

Businesses and brands are always searching for ways to help them stand out from the crowd and win over the loyalty of new customers. For those looking for a competitive advantage, customizable products are an excellent way to increase sales. By offering something your competition doesn’t, whether that’s more variety of choices, greater personalization abilities, or simply that you offer customization at all, you could be boosting your sales and increasing your bottom line quickly.

Customization is hardly a new concept; however, it has been growing exponentially in recent years. With the continued growth of ecommerce, a wave of demand for personalization has hit the market full force, from one of a kind Nikes to dedicated vitamin sets specifically created for you, there’s a growing appetite for customizable offerings from brands. So, how does customization translate into increased sales?

What are the benefits of product customization?

According to Dan from product configurator software company Doogma “Customization gives your shoppers access to the products and styles that they want.” From giving your marketing a conversation starter to the ability to increase profit margins, there’s a multitude of benefits that you can reap if you add customization to your business strategy. The main benefits of customization are:

  1. Increased sales
  2. Raising your profit margins
  3. Access to better customer insights
  4. Increased customer loyalty
  5. Offering a personalized experience
  6. Broaden your customer base
  7. Wider product offering without higher inventory costs

How to implement customization for your brand

eCommerce platforms can easily and quickly implement customization services that can transform their sales. From out-of-the-box solutions to an entirely customizable user experience, there are options to suit every size and type of business.

There are a few main steps that every brand should follow to accurately choose which option is best to easily increase sales.

Step 1: Decide what level of product customization suits your product offering and your target audience. This will structure how you market your customization service to your buyers and what options you choose to offer.

Step 2: Define the framework of customization you plan to offer. What choices will your customers be able to make; colours, monogramming, accents, and embellishments? Can they upload a photo to personalize products? You can offer limited customization right through totally unique designs.

Step 3: Choose how the design process works. Once you’ve decided on what products you will offer and the level of customization available, how you will make the offering available to your customers is essential to increasing your sales. From simplified multi-purpose thumbnail menu structures and dropdown boxes to tailored UX and navigation solutions, there’s an abundance of opportunity to be seized in the customization space.

Step 4: Go live! Use marketing to attract customers and watch your sales grow.

Customization increases sales

Customization software has been proven to convert your sales easier and faster. Helping you reach more customers with design-your-own options to create their unique customized products, customization software makes engaging your buyers simple. If you’re looking to increase customer loyalty, customizable products are one of the most powerful tools to generate more sales and broaden your target audience directly from your website.