An Bui Career Tips: How To Start Freelancing And Become a Freelancer in 9 Steps

Don’t know how to start freelancing? And want to become a freelancer?If that’s the case, you will appreciate this guide.

An Bui Digital Marketing prepared this comprehensive tutorial for novices on how to begin freelancing. This post will lead you through the process in 9 easy ways, whether you want to work as a freelance writer, web designer, or developer.

Continue reading only if you are willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve your goal of being a freelancer and financial independence.

What are the most effective ways to start Freelance work?

1. Figure out what you want to achieve as a freelancer

It all begins with determining your goals for your freelance business. You wouldn’t get in your car and drive if you didn’t know where you were going, and you shouldn’t start a freelance business without knowing where you are going.

When you don’t have a destination, it’s tough to know where to go. If you set goals for your freelance business, it will have a direction. Every day, you will have to motivate yourself to locate clients, do outstanding work for them, and figure out why you’re doing it.

  • Why are you interested in working as a freelancer in the first place?
  • Want to supplement your income?
  • Are you looking for a way to supplement your full-time income?
  • How much do you hope to make as a freelancer?

Your motivation for becoming a freelancer will serve as a compass for determining your level of success.

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2. Determine the skills you will employ to start freelancing

Whether you plan to work as a freelancer full-time or part-time, your business will be built on the specific skills you have. You must recognize the unique skills that you have developed throughout the time that others may lack.

It will be easiest to start employing all of the skills for which you have previously been paid. It didn’t matter if you worked part-time or full-time.

If an employer would pay you to do that work, chances are you are good at it. Those essential skills to put in a resume and you may utilize to launch your own freelance business. Consider your previous jobs: what did you get paid to accomplish at those companies?

Whether it’s customer service, graphic design, photography, or financial modelling, don’t be hesitant to try anything new. Someone would much sooner pay you than take the effort to acquire those skills if those vocations demanded creativity or the use of specialized software.

3. Determine your potential clients

You should evaluate who will pay you to use your skills once you have identified which ones will be the most profitable and fun for you.

In this area, many freelancers fall short of being intelligent and ambitious. They begin freelancing and develop such a fear of selling that they will accept any client who gives them any amount of money in exchange for doing anything.

Take into account the expertise you have selected to start a freelance business with. Who needs such help? And with whom would you want to collaborate if you required such help?

4. Develop a service offering based on your expertise

To start a freelance business, you must first select your skills and then sell them.

What would you do with such skills if you could use them to help someone else?

With those skills, what service do you provide?

It is a narrow line to tread, but it’s an important distinction to make. Email copywriting is a service, while writing is a skill. The ability to code is a skill, and the ability to create custom mobile apps is a service. To sell your skills, you must consider them as a service.

5. Legally incorporate your firm before you start freelance work

Let’s speak about how to start a freelance business lawfully now. It may seem difficult to start a freelance business, but it’s not.

However, picking a name is the first step in launching a company. It can be anything you wish, with or without your name. It should be a made-up word or something else entirely.

Before establishing your freelance business under the name you have chosen, make sure it’s not already taken.

You can’t use someone else’s name, just as you wouldn’t want another company to use yours. You may be infringing on a trademark if your firm’s name is so similar to that of another company that it causes consumer confusion.

6. Create a portfolio to showcase your skills

Whether they realize it or not, every client hires you because they trust you. They trust you to follow through on your promises and deliver the high-quality work that you guarantee.

A client job may come effortlessly at times. It could be family or friends, but the potential client will want to know why they should trust you. As a result, you’ll have to work hard to acquire their trust.

When you are just starting as a freelancer, the greatest method to gain a prospective client’s trust is to show them examples of previous work that is comparable to the type of work they are considering hiring you.

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7. Come up with a client acquisition approach

At this stage, you have created a good foundation for freelancing. Now we will discuss how to find your first clients.

There are three primary methods to consider when you initially start freelancing:

  • Working directly with clients
  • Assisting as a subcontractor
  • Taking advantage of freelance job sites

Direct customer contact is the purest form of freelancing. Someone has a problem, and they pay you to solve it. No other people or platforms are involved other than the two of you.

Many freelancers have clients with whom they work regularly or for an extended period. These relationships are incredibly beneficial because the client already knows, likes, and trusts you.

8. Make use of the connections you already have

Let’s take a look at how to find direct clients and how to subcontract.

When you are just starting as a freelancer, the person most likely to hire you is someone you already know, like, and trust.

The idea is to make your relationship stronger. Begin by meeting and updating everyone in your network with whom you are already familiar. It is likely that you have not communicated with them in a long time and that they are unaware that you are self-employed.

Being considerate and reaching out will help you make an excellent first impression. It will not be difficult to persuade folks to spend 30-60 minutes catching up on their reading.

9. Begin the process of recruiting new advocates

When you go around and reconnect with your advocates, you hope that one of them hires you or makes a direct introduction to someone who does.

That first project will serve as your jumping-off point. Do an outstanding and high-quality job for them. If that does not happen right away, you may begin to panic and consider pitching your services to completely new people.

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When you first start freelancing, your main outreach goal is to gain more advocates. It is critical to distinguish between the roles of advocate and client. Of course, we want more clients.

Clients are the most important advocates. They would not have been a client if they had not been advocates. They had to be persuaded to hire you. If you can persuade someone to spend 20-30 minutes talking with you, you have the opportunity to start building a new advocate.

This is your best long-term and short-term strategy. It’s not always easy, but it’s all about forming strong bonds.

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Take The Next Step In Your Career As A Freelance With An Bui

We have just covered a lot of ground in terms of freelancing, but the goal was to lay a solid foundation for how to start freelancing and become a freelancer.

You should be clear about the skills you will use as a freelancer. Go through all nine steps listed above to establish your freelance career and business. Have fun, make new friends, and you will be generating new business in no time.

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