5 Useful Equipment & Tools You Need For Online Tutoring – a 2021 Guide

As you already know, an increasing number of teachers started working remotely since the global pandemic started. Though it’s quite easy to access and use platforms such as Skype and Zoom, there are other online tools and equipment that they might require, including an online whiteboard, flashcards, as well as other props. So, if you’re about to start teaching online, here are five useful tools and equipment that you might want to use:

  1. First Things First – Get Props if You Teach Younger Children

Besides ensuring that you have a reliable Internet connection, a comfortable chair, as well as a camera, microphone/headset, and lighting, it’s essential that you gather a wide range of props that can help you with teaching younger children. Items like colorful flashcards and toys can go a long way in keeping the little ones entertained while you teach them, thus, ensure that you gather them before you start your online classes. Another thing that could help you is an online whiteboard, which leads us to our next point…

  1. An Online Whiteboard is a Must

Another thing that could help you with teaching both younger and older children is an online whiteboard. Why should you use it? Well, firstly, it’ll make it easier for you to explain certain things to your students, but more importantly, you could share the online whiteboard with them, which means that they could also participate actively in the class. Keep in mind, it can be a bit difficult to use your mouse for writing and drawing, so, practice a bit so that you can get used to it or get a digital writing pad.

  1. Choose a Platform For Making Quizzes

Besides an online whiteboard, another online resource that you could use is a platform that’ll allow you to create interactive quizzes, as well as study materials for your students. Now, you should keep in mind, there is a wide range of platforms that you could choose to use, hence, before you opt for a particular option, ensure that you try out different ones. When browsing through your options consider how easy it is to use it, and, of course, the features the platform has to offer.

  1. A Green Screen is Always Fun!

If you really want to make things fun for your students, one of the things that could really help you is a green screen. By placing it behind your desk, you’ll be able to edit the background every time, which means that you can, for instance, be in Paris one day and the next, you could be in the middle of a scene from Star Wars! Again, there is a wide range of green screen options out there, hence, do some digging before choosing a particular one that you’ll use during your classes.

  1. Lastly, Get a Quiet Keyboard + Mouse

To be completely honest, no one really likes hearing typing noises all the time, and although your students can mute their microphones, you won’t be able to do so, mostly because you’ll need it for teaching. Thus, two of the main things that you should invest your money in are a quiet keyboard, as well as a mouse. By doing so, you can ensure that everyone is comfortable throughout your classes.


If you’ll have to hold some or all of your classes online, you’ll definitely require a wide range of equipment and tools that’ll help you. And, if you choose to use most of the things we mentioned above, you won’t only make things easier for you, but, your students will have more fun during your classes. So, now that you know what you should get and use, don’t lose time, instead, start searching for the things you need to make your online classes fun!